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s▓ in: the multicomplex function theory, theory of continental origin of oil, synthetic bovine insulin, high temperature superconductor, neutrino astrophysics, quantum anomalous Hall effect, nanotechnology, stem cell research, early diagnosis of tumor marker, human genomic sequenci▓ng, the "atomic

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tion, q▓uantum communication, Beidou Navigation System, manned deep-sea submarine, high-speed railway, and aircraft carri▓er and much more.China has emerged as the world's ▓second largest economy with social productivity, n

ational strength, and scientific and technological strength stepping onto a new platform.Yet, China struggles with bottlenecks in certain fields of science and technology, while innovative capabilities remain relatively weak. Materi

als are the basis for manufacturing, but China is still behind in the research and productivity of advanced high-end materials and relies on expor▓ts. In the drugs market, foreign-fund companies have accoun▓ted for major percent

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